– A reading by Janine Diehl, Systemic coach & therapist, Body Therapist, Sleep Coach

If a couple decides to create an own family, young and new spiritual life is created from its truly sense of love, surrender & purity. This pure core of children is what you want to keep and foster as parents! But creating a new family and having different needs and wishes in busy and stressful daily lives can often challenge young families and parents. This is often putting a lot of pressure on mums and dads but also on the children. Mothers want to be good mums and spend time with their kids, at the same time be successful career orientated (business) women as well as good partners in their relationship.

How can you combine all these tasks and high demands while being conscious and enlightened parents and still have a spiritual life for yourself? How can you feel deeply connected and balanced with yourself?

Janine invites you to look deeper in your own inner truly self and shows you ways of how you can come back to your inner wishes and dreams you were holding when creating a new family and getting children!

The combination of spirituality, mindfulness exercises for busy mums and dads and positive reframing thoughts through systemic perspectives can change your daily life with only little effort. Stepping yourself shortly out of your daily life by looking and feeling inside in your body creates space for feelings, emotions and thoughts – which prevents in the long-term blockades, stress, unrestfulness, sleeping lack and sicknesses.

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Systemic perspectives can be enriched with body work by feeling autonomy, binding, and emotion.

The reading will be held by Janine. She is a systemic coach & therapist, body therapist and sleep coach and here passion is to foster and support (young) families with warmth, security & stability in daily life and also challenging life situations in their parenthood, their relationship and their career.


The reading will be held on Tuesday 7th April 2020 from 20.00 until 21.30. The reading will be English spoken!
The reading costs € 7,50 ,


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